The first step to getting a fantastic new website is to contact me

request some more information or a free quote.

Then we shall arrange a meeting so we can discuss the details about the website, such as the design of the website and also the websites goals and objectives.

The meeting will usually take place either at your businesses location or if you wish it can be held at a local cafe or bar etc.

Once we have held a meeting and discussed what you want to get from the website and how you would like your website to look, I will need you to send me over the resources for your page.

This should include any logos, images, website descriptions etc and login details to your web hosting account if you already have this set up.

I will now begin to design your website and come up with some provisional versions for you to choose from.

Once you are happy with the design and any adjustments have been made I will then begin to build the final version of your website!

The final step, launching your website. Once you have seen the final version of your site and are happy with how it looks and works, it will now be time to get your site online!

To do this you will need a domain name and hosting plan. I can help you set these up if you are unsure how.


To get started on a fantastic website or for more information please contact me today.